1o Fun facts about Haiti

A few days ago I read an article about Haiti! It was pretty interesting since it actually gave to whoever was reading it 10 fun facts about Haiti that this person probably didn’t know. So I decided to make an English version of it so I can make all these informations available for everybody! I’m pretty sure there is so much more that I can publish about Haiti that you didn’t know but you’ll eventually have to wait until my next post. But now you can enjoy 10 facts about Haiti. Let me know which one you already knew and don’t be shy to give me more ideas that you think I could share.

1.Haiti is the most mountainous island in the Caribbean,

2. The turtle island was inhabited only by pirates during the 17th century .

3. L’île-à-vache “the cow island” was named after an invasion Of Wild cow after the colons left the island.

4.The Haitian area is larger than the state of Vermont.

5. Haiti has 14 airports.

6. From the 15th to the 19th century, France, Spain and England were fighting over the control of the island of Hispaniola.

7. Haiti is the only black nation in the world whose independence is the direct result of a slave revolt

8.The independence of Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela would not have been possible without the military and financial support of Haiti.

9.The flag of Venezuela was created in the port of Jacmel, which is a little city in the south east of Haiti.

10. During 105 years, Haiti was responsible for producing 40% of sugar consumed on the planet.


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