Dear Young Wendy

French Version

Dear Wendy

Today is your birthday.  You just cut your hair off and you’re moving out of Haiti for college. For the first time in your life, you did something that you really wanted to. You don’t know it yet, but this decision will change your life. I know you were expecting something else, but believe me, going natural is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. It will not be easy. At first, you’ll go every week to the beauty salon, just so you can get your hair straighten, but later on, you’ll adapt yourself. After 3 big chops, you will have mastered so well the art of making twist-out that you’ll end up convincing (And By that I really mean forcing) everybody around you to do the same.

Wendy, I guess you know this article is not about hair. I just wanted you to keep these words in your mind every time you’ll have to cover your head up with a hat because your hair would not cooperate. Because believe me, it will happen, often.

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy! If only you knew what was waiting for you, you would understand the girl you’ve become. You would see no wrong in dropping out of college when all your friends pursued their studies. You would understand that it’s ok to “mize nan wout”1 as we say in Creole, the most important is that you will bring something positive to this world.

Wendy, these past six years have been therapeutic, challenging, but they were undoubtedly among the best six years of your life. Today on the eve of my birthday, I realize that maturity is everything that I won. I swear, I finally understood what this word really meant. I probably could not explain it to you, but you see, it’s this strange feeling that makes me plan to spend my birthday in an orphanage rather than a nightclub.

My letter is a message of courage, for all the times you have fallen into depression. You’ll get out of it, stronger, day after day, all alone, like a grown-up. And you’ll even laugh about it. To be honest, sometimes your laughter will be satirical. But, you will never lose your smile, no tears will erase it.

Wendy, you will realize your dream of living in exotic countries: Argentina, France, Taiwan, United States. You’ll meet some amazing people. I’ll say no names. I don’t want anyone to be jealous. You will have the opportunity to get closer to those friends with whom you have never lost contact since high school. You will spend sleepless nights talking to them on the phone. Some will remind you every day how much they miss you. Some will be so close to you that you’ll get the impression of never having left Haiti. Some will show you the true definition of “ride or die” and how you can always count on them. Some will forget you for some time, but will come back to you. Some will always support you and some will become like family members. The list is really long. And I want to warn you to not let hatred for humankind fill your heart.

You will be disappointed, betrayed, hurt. And people will take advantage of you or your naivety to the point that you’ll want to be mean. Trust me, you will try, and you’ll end up every time getting screwed. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I still haven’t found a way to make you less candid. Anyways, all is not rosy. But I think that you have already understood that. Sometimes everything will be black. However, you always had had a good sense of color. So you will know how to color life as you’ll like it.

Oh! I was about to forget! You will always be stupid in love. And get heartbroken. It’s weird to tell you that. Because the pain will be excruciating and incomparable. I still have not mastered the art of writing about it. It might be a goal that I would have to achieve. But do not worry, I don’t think this is the topic that interests you the most.

What have I forgot to tell you? Ah! you’ll have a few accidents ? 2 actually. In the course of 2 years. For the first one, both the taxi driver who was driving you around and the one who will hit you will run away abandoning you on the road. But don’t worry. Because the second one in which you’ll have your leg broken will be even worse. And I assure you, walking with crutches is really not as easy as it looks in the movies. Nevertheless, as a good princess that you are, you will get a train waiting for you in Paris. It’s pretty cool right?

But you know what is the best Wendy ? It’s that today you’re celebrating the second anniversary of your blog. I bet you did not expect that right? Well, yeah. You finally found an audience as weird as you to love what you write. I’m sure the 9 years old little girl who had her first book entitled “the book of my dogs and their life before their death” would not expect that either. I also have a youtube channel. I have a little trouble being regular. I only post a video once every two months. But I promised myself to work on that. I talk about travel, art, the environment, Haiti, a lot about Haiti, about hair and as strange as it may seem, about fashion. And I still manage to be a full-time student. You will be proud to create this blog. It’s the coolest thing you have ever created. Girl, You’re going to write in English! I mean can you see that? Actually, you will have a lot to do before writing a decent article. But if one believes those who read you, most manage to understand more or less what you write. So it’s not so bad. I gave it the coolest name ever, “Hello Crepuscule” just in memory of all those times you got up before dawn to watch the sunrise.

So Wendy, don’t lose hope. I think you have done well for these 6 years. You could have done better. I mean, you could have moved to Brazil rather than Argentina. Anyway, I realized over time that you never do anything like everyone else. And I will take advantage of that. Wendy, what will I say to my future self within 6 years? I don’t even know the goals that I’ll set to myself. And to be honest, I have not reached any of the goals I had set to myself before turning 30. So I think I have a lot of work and a short period of time. I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to be the girl that I am and I’m hoping to make proud the girl that I will be in 6 years. Promise me you’ll always focus on the positive side of things. And if there is none, promise me to create it.

1. Mize nan wout men pote bon nouvel: Creole expression to say that we waste time on the way but at the end we were able to bring good provisions. I had trouble finding the exact translation of “Mize” but it seems that it comes from the old French “muser” and is described by the act of walking, strolling. somehow, Creole will never cease to amaze me.

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