The chronicles of a Haitian girl in Argentina: The Preparation

French Version

My heart is jumping out of my chest by the idea of me leaving France. I know, I love this country and I’ve been living there for a while now. But I was in an extreme need of changing space. I wanted to see other places, and I’m so happy that in a few days I’ll be landing in Argentina.

One of the biggest reason of my happiness is the fact That I am taking you with me. In my previous articles about traveling, I only shared with you my experience. But in this one I decided to take you in every step of the trip.

Why Argentina?

To be honest Argentina wasn’t my first choice. In my quest of adventures, I’m always falling for the most exotic country, and my first choice for this trip was Brazil. But Since I’m planning on studying as well, I had to give up the idea of moving to Brazil as I don’t speak Portuguese and Since my second choice was Argentina, Here I am.

The main reason of me moving to Argentina? My Spanish teacher. My Argentinian Spanish Teacher who talked to me so much about Argentina that I had no choice than moving to this country. I’m serious. For the first time in my life I experienced what most of my interlocutors feel when I’m talking to them about Haiti. I’m still interested about learning more about the people, the language, the way of living, but my friend, my Spanish teacher is everything.


As a Haitian, I don’t need visa to travel to Argentina. However, since I’m going to stay there for more than 3 month I’ll need to apply for a visa when I get there. A few days ago, I sent an envelop to the Embassy of Argentina in France in which I put a stamp envelop, a copy of my passport and a copy of the admission letter from my university in Argentina. A few days later the Argentinian consulate in Paris sent me a paper in which they stipulate that I can travel to Argentina without a visa.

If your purpose of travel is different than mine, the process might be different .So I’m encouraging you to make more research on the website of the Argentinian embassy in the country where you are located.

Personal enrichment:

I’m expecting a few things from this trip. First of all, I’m looking forward to improve my Spanish. When I say improving I mean going from 5 to 9/10. Well it’s my right to reach for the stars. Lol. I wanna learn so much things from the local. Why They live the way they do, their history, the architecture, the traditions, the landscape.

I literally can’t wait for that trip. I’m not looking forward for the weather as I’m not really a winter person. But we’re here to experience right? So I’ll see you soon in Buenos Aires.

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