How to survive wedding season when you’re 25 and single

I don’t know why people choose to get married during the summer. I mean it’s hot, humid, and you get easily dizzy. You wear uncomfortable dresses and talk to people you barely know. It’s probably the reason why summer is the wedding season. Because it’s only fun for the newly weds. As for myself I would rather go to a cook out or something, but I have a lot of friends and as a good friend, I have to live this wonderful moment with them. Except that I’m 25 and at that age most of your friends are in long term relationship, parents or getting married. And if you are single, If you are dating or if you have no plans of getting married, this wedding season can turn into a nightmare. It’s only the beginning of July and I’m already on my 4th wedding, and as you can see, I survived, because I realized that I developed some superpower. No, I’m kidding. But, with some of the advises that I’m willing to share with you, you too can survive wedding season if you’re 25 and single.

1. Stay away from the elders

They are the worst. Specially if they know you, or have seen you grow. I guess in their head, they think they are being considerate and caring. But asking: “sweetie, when is it going to be your turn” only makes people uncomfortable, because if we knew we would send invitations. Clearly the day, is not about you but about the newly weds. But as you can’t say any slick comment to anybody older than 40 (this is my caribbean side taking over), please stay away from the elders and avoid yourself some epic clap-back moments.


2. Always look your best

Because, well, everything gets better with a nice dress. But really, when you are comfortable in what you wearing, you are more confident and it shows. Plus you don’t want anybody to say that if you’re not married it’s because you have no style or don’t know how to dress. Be the cool friend that every one wants to strike a pose with.

3. Do not get caught not smiling

A great mind in a great body. As much as you look good, your mental has to be strong as well. And if really, you’re not in the happiest mood, well you will have to fake it. Because, first of all, a wedding is always a happy moment. And second, you don’t want anybody to ask: “why you’re not dancing? Why you’re not talking? Why you’re not smiling? Is it because you’re sad?” Honey you don’t have time to extrapolate, just smile and be the light of the party.


4. Go to the bathroom when they are throwing the bouquet

This goes to my ladies, because the men don’t have to go through this ritual. You know, standing in the middle of a bunch of ladies and trying to catch the bouquet that will determine if you will be the next one to get a ring on it, as if this was the ultimate goal of your life? However, if we put aside the pettiness, this can really be a fun part of the wedding. Except the fact that this little ritual can be a hard time when you reach the age to be married. It’s the biggest challenge, because when you participate you look desperate. I had an old lady telling me once, that catching the bouquet won’t bring me a husband. Not that I thought it would be the case, but I kind of felt ashamed anyway. Yet, the last time I decided to not play the game, one of my friends told me that this type of mentality was the reason why I was still alone. You can normally bet that since that day I avoid this challenge and I hide myself in the bathroom. Because you can have 99 problems but clearly debating on catching a bouquet ain’t one.


5. Go with your girlfriends

Don’t ever go alone! But better go with one or 2 of your girl’s squad. Because not only It helps you avoid questions like: “where is your boyfriend?” or “Is he your boyfriend?” but also you have somebody to keep you company and who will have a better conversation than the ups and down of your love life.

6. If you go with your boo don’t stay together

Sometimes, you have no choice than accompany your significant other to a wedding. And you certainly will face question like: “when are you making the big jump”. Chances are, you probably already chose the date, but if you haven’t, it will be too much of a headache for people to go back and forth between the two of you. Plus, those questions aside from making you uncomfortable also put some pressure not only on you, but also on your partner. And this is the type of discomfort that you’re trying to avoid.


7. Do not get drunk

May be Because alcohol makes everything blurry, takes away all your aptitude. May be because alcohol loosen your temper. May be because being drunk at a wedding, you can look pathetic. I can go on, the list is long. Have fun, but don’t get drunk.


8. Stay away from the single guys

We all know that wedding is the best place to find girls. I mean, with all the negativity they are throwing at you, you get depressed, resentful and you might end up doing things that you will regret. And trust me, all the single guys are here for that. You might want to avoid that as well. Because, It’s gonna be too much of a headache to deal with what might come after that, and, Honey, you don’t need that type of negativity in your life.

9. Don’t try to explain yourself or make a story up

You don’t owe explanation to anybody for the choices you make in your life. You don’t need their validation nor disapproval. Being in your twenties, you’re allowed to make mistakes, enjoy life or mess it up a little bit. Your excuse is that you’re young. Don’t try to make up stories. Because as we say in Haitian creole “ twou manti pa fon”. Which means a lie will always catch up with you, and you don’t want to follow up with a story that you made up to avoid some uncomfortable moments and that you can barely remember. Own your choices, as long as they make you happy.


10. Eat because food is life

I know I said the wedding was the time to celebrate with your friends while they are going through one of the biggest steps of their life. But really, after the kiss, all we care about is what is on the menu. Food never disappoint you and we all know that you’d rather answer all these clumsy questions with a full stomach. So eat because food is life.



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