A day in Miami

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There must be at least a thousand different things to do in miami. It’s crazy that I know so little about this city and its surroundings even after I have lived there for about a year. Miami means the sun, the heat, the loud music in the cars, parties that last forever, the sea, pretty girls in bikini and spicy food. Damn, looks like Haiti!

I like everything about Miami. I can say that, because, as I said earlier, I know so little. But my God, this city awakens in you a joy of life that invades your heart as soon as you arrive at the airport. And then you try to live life quietly, despising this crazy happiness, but looking around you and the palms that happily rise in front of the colored houses make you forget all of your good resolutions.


Believe me, I wanted to hate this city. For example, I would say that the whole area of Florida is not fun if you do not have a car. So if you are thinking of traveling to Miami, it would be wise to think first and foremost of an efficient transportation system. And by efficient, I mean a car, because going to South-beach by bus is not very convenient. But unfortunately, my list of bad adventures in Miami is not what brought you here, right? So without further delay, I will quickly share a small list of activities that you can do in Miami in a day. A list that I concocted just for your happiness.


Have you ever read an article on Hello Crépuscule? So it’s clear that you know my passion for twilight! Though! Just by seeing the name of the blog, Y’a pas photo. So it makes more sense that for me, the ideal day should start with a magnificent sunrise. A sunrise, slow, magical, with all these magnificent colors that make you melt, this joyous understanding between the sun and the clouds, and you, little lucky person who have the chance to attend this show. But what is a sunrise if the horizon of the sea does not extend endlessly? And that’s why living in Miami is great, because you can find the sea everywhere. I will suggest a small beach named Oleta River State Park Beach. It opens around 5:30 am and offers all kinds of activities: canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. Prices may vary by activity but to have access to the beach you must pay about $ 6 USD. The setting is a bit far from the crowded beaches of south-beach. You will find yourself in a pleasant environment, wooded, where you can give free rein to your imagination. That being said, do not lose yourself too much, because after that sunrise in this park, you will have to find strength to bathe. Because the sea is clear and warm.


Hello Crepuscule Miami


What to do after a good swim? I asked myself the question. I wanted something original. And then a friend called me to invite me to go iceskating. I’ll stop you: I never skated in my life but the opportunity seemed too good not to jump, so I slipped. Well okay, my pun was a little nil. You should be used to it by now. All this to say that I found the idea brilliant and therefore I was ready for the adventure. The experience was just unique. We chose to go to Pines Ice Arena, about thirty minutes away from Miami. It was a bit crowded, but I think that must vary according to the season. I could summarize this adventure in a few words: the place was icy and I was wearing a little light dress. For nearly two hours I clung to the wall by fear of breaking a tooth, my heart pounding, watching some 8 year olds kids doing pirouettes on the track. And all this beautiful show for only $ 8 USD. I literally humiliated myself. So, I invite you to do the same.


travel with Wendelle Miami JPG

ice skating hello Crepuscule miami

By the time you leave Pines Ice Arena, it will be the end of the day. At this point, you’ll either feel a pain all over your body if you’ve fallen while skating or you’ll be extremely hungry. In both cases, you will be leaving for a calmer activity and one also more touristic. So I have no choice but to offer you a walk on Bayside. How to describe? Bayside is pretty much the Miami you see in the movies. These are all the stereotypes you have, for having watched too many hip-hop videos. Does that remind you of something? Lots of Lights, long coconut trees stretching as far as the eye can see, shops, restaurants, boats, the sea. All this in a festive atmosphere. You will be able to take pictures that will allow you to boast in front of your friends. You can eat in the best restaurants, drink in the best bars, and you can visit the coolest arts centers. Basically you will have the opportunity to do any kind of tourist activities. And If what I listed is not your type of activities, you will content yourself with a long walk. You will watch the sunset. The city will slowly plunge into the shadow and in the blink of an eye, the world will stop. A magical moment that very few have the chance to live because at no moment, the pace of life decelerates. They will turn on the lights, and amazed, you’ll attend the birth of the night life.. And while you will post your photo on Instagram or Facebook to summarize your day, next to the usual comment “I’m in Miami B * tch”, do not forget to tag “#travelwithwendelle”. This way, I too can live your adventures.


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