Deza Nguembock channels Iman, Grace Jones, Oprah and Miriam Makeba in women’s right project

Version Française

As a child, I would question everything. And unfortunately, growing up has not really helped. I always felt like I had too much to say, like I didn’t know how to express myself, nor to control my thoughts. And finally I grew up becoming a shy woman who was afraid to say too much and to be misunderstood.

2018 was supposed to be different. I wanted this year to be the year I would let go of my fear, express my creativity and take risks. So when I had the opportunity to work with the E & H LAB Agency, I did not hesitate.

The women’s condition has always been a subject close to my heart. Coming from a country where women’s rights are not always respected, I realized very quickly that in order to help others, I had to understand the challenge of being a woman in this world, myself. It took me a long time to understand that I was a feminist. Because in Haiti, no one really accepts this term: “feminist”. If you dare to think, speak and act for women, you are labeled as a lesbian, an angry woman, or you just seeking fro drama to keep yourself busy. Yet, women’s rights in Haiti should be a major issue, because what we deal with in this country, Is the under-representation of women in all private and public offices, an extremely high rate of non legal abortion, public violence against women, or the normalization of sexual harassment. Growing up as a girl in Haiti is learning very young to repress your sexuality, to engaged in affairs with men who are 2 to 3 times your age and to lower your expectations in life. So I quickly realized that the fight for women’s rights in Haiti is not to be continued, because it never really started. And the first step was to change the stereotypes.

In 2016, I had my first project on women that you can watch here.

I wanted to understand the youth’s perception of the subject. So I had gathered young people from different countries around the world to whom I had given the chance to talk about women. In 2017, I celebrated through music. You will read the article here. I wanted to highlight the men and women of Haiti who understood the theme of women and who instead of addressing it in a sexist way, had put forward the Haitian woman in its beauty and strength. And also I wanted to talk about Haiti. Lol but you will understand, the woman is an important and recurrent theme for me.

In this project, I had the opportunity to do something that I had never done before. Attack the stereotype that reduces the right of women to a fight for the rights a one category of women. I had the chance to celebrate the advancement of women’s rights under the theme of diversity.

Thanks to Deza Nguembock, a Cameroonian entrepreneur who lives in Paris. I understood that beauty could rhyme with success, handicap, black and grace. Deza shows us that there is no limit to our will and that we should not let society’s standards stop us from accomplishing our goals. She’s a successful black disabled woman. She breaks all stereotypes.

So through this project and in collaboration with the agency E & H LAB, The hotel of Vendome Paris, Naomy-ice for the Make up, LVS cosmetics for the hairstyles, Jean Pierre Nakpane for the photos, Do Thu for the clothes and Lucas Rouif for the videos, I was lucky to be able to express my creativity as never before by paying tribute to iconic women who marked their time but also by showing that women’s rights are everyone’s business.

Deza Nguembock in Grace Jones 

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Deza Nguembock in Oprah Winfrey 

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Deza Nguembock in Iman 

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Deza Nguembock in Miriam Makeba

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Read the article of the Agency E&H LAB about the project here.

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