Is it true that we inherit the leaders we deserve?

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I can’t remember when was the last time that I wrote a “When Wendelle Vent” article. Matter of fact, I can’t even remember when was the last time that I published an article here. So , it’s only fair that I feel like you might miss me. However, this article is a little bit special because as much as I feel touched, I can’t really tell if what I feel is anger or disappointment. I just feel like for my own sake I needed to publish a “when Wendelle vent” article. I can’t help myself but to think that most of my angry articles are somehow linked to Haiti. It’s like this country had the power to bring out in me the strongest emotions. Yet I don’t want my emotions to take over. And, I try my best to control them. But, at one point I can not help but wonder : Why? 

If you have been a Hello Crepuscule’s reader since the beginning, you may remember my article about Donald Trump’s statement, last year. Yeah ! I’m pretty sure you remember that famous “Shit hole country” sentence that had caused so many conversations ! And of course, like many of the citizens of these famous Shit hole countries, I felt like I had to respond. I had to defend the honor of my country using historical facts and cultural lessons. Haiti will never be defeated (which you can read here) !

So, Can you guess my surprise this morning when I woke up to the posts of our current President Jovenel Moise with Donald Trump. Like what ?????

I went from being surprised to being angry, to feeling ashamed. The rational woman in me is pushing me to be objective and to list down every reasons that could justify his actions. So, I said to myself : “Wendy, 4 years of political science, 2 years of political communication, you can understand and analyze the decisions of the first citizen of the Republic of Haiti”. I try to convince myself that work is work. You know ? The man has an obligation and an agenda. But deep down, I can not help but to think how his actions just killed Dessalines one more time. And therefor, my previous speech changes completely : “The first citizen of the Republic of Haiti becomes the first citizen of a Shit hole country”. And I can not explain that. These writings are not those of reason but of emotion. And I assume it.

So I let my disarray flow away with my pride whilst I’m confusedly trying to understand the very essence of a nepotic political class unable to sacrifice its own sake for the benefit of the nation. I am overwhelmed by the same feeling of helplessness that I felt when the country was “Lòk”¹ (Locked for those who speak good english). I feel powerless and it’s paralyzing. I do not have the answer to everything and I learned early to shut up when I have nothing to say. But I can’t control the voices in my head and somehow, I feel like, maybe if I scream my questions loud enough, somebody might answer me : If only Haitians made the right choices? Is it true that this attachment to this country is like a tattoo that you can’t get rid of ? Are we condemned to relive this cycle of resignation and anger? Is it true that we inherit the leaders we deserve?

At this point, I don’t know what to believe. I don’t know if it’s worth fighting for. I don’t even know if it’s worth writing about … I only have one certainty : Haiti is once again violated by the omnipotent western supremacy, and his sons are accomplices !


¹ Haiti went through a political and economical unstable phase ( read more here ). 

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