My name is Wendy and I’m a dreamer!

French Version 

I look through my window. The weather is sad. It’s raining outside. The perfect time to write down an article. So I took my computer but then nothing could come …

That was two days ago and until now I still can’t find the perfect words to start this article. Unable to figure out how to introduce myself, I put on some music. A little bit of Jazz and I waited for the inspiration to come. My name is Wendy. This is how everybody calls me. And I consider myself as a dreamer.

I’m from Jacmel, a little city in the south of Haiti. Yes, I’m from The Caribbean. I’m from one of the poorest country in the world but I’m not afraid to talk about it, because everything I know and everything that I am, it’s because of this little island. I love it for its people. They are warm, welcoming, resilient; They are survivor. I love it for its temperature. It is as warm as the people and it allows me to wear shorts in the middle of december. I love it for its culture. Rich, colorful, bold. I love it for its carnival. I love it for its food, for the beaches, the mountain… I love it, because no matter what, Haiti has never failed to make me proud. So that Is why I decided to create this website. I wanted for the world to see Haiti Through my eyes.

However, my motivations to start this website go further than my love for the country of my childhood. I’m outraged By injustice, poverty, misery, hunger. I believed we all came in this world for a purpose and we shouldn’t be living unnoticed. Life is too precious for us to be wasting it by living a vapid existence. I think we all should be a motivation for the people around us.

I’m willing to inspire. That could be the best way to describe me. I like to show that there’s something positive in the world. I like to dream! I think we should all dream. Because everything we realize in our lives come from a dream!

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